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Our team

ChronoBank's team is a collection of passionate and highly skilled individuals, located around the world.

ChronoBank is

  • 1 and only
    time-based cryptocurrency in the world

  • 8

  • 15

  • 2971

  • 20+

  • $20 Million
    ICO funding

  • 2017

  • We are making revolution for the recruitment industry

    ChronoBank’s vision is to create a peer-to-marketplace for short-term recruitment in which there are no unnecessary costs and no arbitrary gatekeepers. We believe that blockchain technology is the key to unlocking this new world of employment opportunities that anyone can access, wherever they are in the world, and make sure they get paid promptly and fairly. We want to pioneer best practice in both the blockchain and labour-hire industries, and work with a range of highly-qualified partners to ensure our solution is secure, robust and user-friendly for all.

  • Sergei Sergienko

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Paul Glover

  • Andrey Petrushko

    Marketing Director
  • Mikhail Savchenko

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Sergei Kovalev

    Business Development Manager Asia Region
  • Aliaksei Hiatsevich

    Ethereum Smart Contract Developer
  • Egor Zuev

    Middleware team lead
  • Tim Zinin

    Marketing Manager
  • Igor Pavlenko

    Senior JavaScript Developer
  • Alexandra Kugusheva

    Digital Communication Manager
  • Alexey Ozerov

    Developer (mobile)
  • Alexander Sozinov

    Developer (frontend)
  • Artem Kalashnikov

    Lead developer (frontend)
  • Ivan Abdulov

    Team Lead (frontend)
  • Kirill Sergeev

    Developer (middleware)
  • Danila Zubkov

  • Oleg Dizus

    Mobile developer
  • Florenz Brunner

    Community and Support Coordinator
  • Irina Saratovskaya

    Korean Community Manager
  • Nataly Simson

    Chinese community manager
  • lya Ilyinsky

    Russian Community Manager
  • Amelia Larkin

    Social Media Manager

Jobs at Chronobank.io

  • Lead JS Developer

    We’re actively looking for talented JS Developer with in-depth knowledge of Node.js.


  • DevOps Engineer

    We’re actively looking for talented DevOps Engineer.

  • Frontend Developer

    We’re actively looking for talented Frontend Developer with advanced knowledge of JavaScript(Node.js/React/Redux) 

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