Blockchain revolution

for the recruitment industry

What is is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries in a similar way to how Uber disrupted the taxi business and how Upwork represented an evolution in freelancing.

Our primary target professions

Our mission

At, we are challenging the status quo and bringing an alternative to traditional financial systems.

This alternative is a new generation of time-based currencies utilising the latest developments in blockchain technology.

Despite soaring interest in distributed ledger technology, there are currently very few blockchain apps poised for mainstream market adoption. has been designed by a consortium of professionals with over 100 years of combined recruitment experience, in consultation with experts who can create the software to leverage blockchain technology to solve real-world business problems.

Specifically, we want to create a revolution in short-term recruitment within key professions.

We created the financial backbone of National Labour–Hour (LH) tokens

Labour–Hour Stable Coins

Labour-Hour tokens are linked to average hourly wages in the host country and are backed by a real labour force from big recruitment and labour-hire companies.

Labour is abundant enough for everyone to have access to it, yet scarce enough to be valuable. It is the most tradeable resource in the real economy.

LH tokens will tokenise this resource. Because they are backed by real labour, they are absolutely inflation-proof and have next to zero volatility — in comparison to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This solution is far more sustainable than any of the fiat-pegged or backed coins that currently exist in the crypto market. LH tokens will be hyper–liquid and accessible 24/7 via the LH debit card.

Labour–Hour Features

  • Alternative financial system

    As a blockchain-based form of private, time-based money, banks are made redundant, and transactions happen directly between people and businesses.

  • Multiple blockchains supported

    LH tokens and dapps will be created on Ethereum, Waves and NEM blockchains.

  • Protection from inflation

    LH tokens will be linked to national average hourly wages, which have significant and stable growth with very low volatility.

  • AUD/USD/EUR/GBP transactions

    LH have stable prices in fiat currencies. They, therefore, allow users to transact while maintaining AUD/USD/EUR/GBP-measured values.

  • Stable tokens will issue Labour-Hour coins with stable value, protecting users from cryptocurrency's infamous volatility.

  • Simple to use

    Designed with users in mind and with best UI/UX practices. One click to buy/sell/send transactions with fiat or cryptocurrencies.

  • Transparency

    A decentralised ledger backbone and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness at all stages of Labour-Hour life cycle.

  • LH Debit Card

    LH tokens will be hyper-liquid and accessible 24/7 via the LH debit card.


ChronoMint — the interface for ChronoBank

ChronoMint is the interface for ChronoBank’s smart contract management system. It can be used for the following operations and functions:

  • Manage ETH and any ERC20 tokens (not just TIME and LH), including secure multi-signature support when using hardware key storage.

  • Manage BTC, LTC and a number of other popular cryptocurrencies (coming soon).

  • Create your own ERC20 token, with currency exchange for trading pairs (coming soon): Your ERC20 <> ETH.

  • Distributed cryptocurrency market on top of 0x protocol (coming soon).

  • Voting function: TIME token holders will be able to vote on important company decisions.

  • Collection of rewards (long-term holders can place their TIME tokens on a deposit contract balance and receive fees from LH and LaborX operations).

  • LOC Management (Chronobank Manager Only).

  • LH token issuance (Chronobank Manager Only).

Mobile version of ChronoMint

Mobile version of ChronoMint

We have taken considerable efforts to refactor our mobile app, following new and stricter rules from the Apple Store. The mobile app now supports 100% of the functionality of the desktop app and we are working to integrate an Ethereum lite node into it.

Additionally, we are implementing all of the necessary security recommendations. The app already supports secure key storage and fingerprint authentication.

The ChronoWallet is the only wallet currently on the market that supports any ERC20 token transfers, as well as ETH, BTC and BCC. We have further plans to add DASH, XRP and NEM.

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LaborX — decentralised marketplace

LaborX is ChronoBank’s flagship platform for workers and clients: a place where employers can list jobs and freelancers can find employment from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

It functions without any closures or outages, meaning work can be secured even at nights or on the weekends. LaborX’s reputation system will make the hiring process for every job fair. Every newcomer receives a neutral rating, which will change subject to feedback from the hiring counterparty. A net positive rating will enable workers to access better-paid jobs, whilst a negative rating will cause workers to drop down the ranks, and receive only offers for lower-paid work.

For workers, delayed payment for a completed job becomes a thing of the past, because payment terms are registered in a smart contract from the outset. They can even be processed on a per-second basis.

Another great feature for employers is the low commission fees - just 1% of a job’s overall pay. The difference between traditional hiring costs and LaborX’s hiring cost can be spent on improving working conditions or on pay bonuses.


We are here

Crowdsale Website Launch

We created our first website to facilitate the upcoming ICO of the ChronoBank's TIME token at the end of 2016.

Oct, 2016

Succesful ICO: $5.4 million, 2,971 participants

Our crowdsale was one of the most successful of the year, collecting the equivalent of over 5,400 BTC in a number of different cryptocurrencies. 

Feb, 2017

TIME hits exchanges

Our TIME token began trading on the first exchanges, facilitating liquidity and opening up secondary markets for new investors. 

Mar, 2017

ChronoWallet beta 1.0 release

We launched the first version of our flagship wallet application.

Apr, 2017

First stable LH token minted

Using the Ethereum blockchain, one of our partnering labour-hire companies issued the first Labour Hour token, to be backed by work time.

May, 2017

ChronoMint and LaborX mobile apps and LaborX UI

We continued to work on our core mobile applications and the user interface for ChronoBank's decentralised exchange.

Jun, 2017

ChronoWallet desktop launch (testnet) and mobile beta

We trialled our main wallet software with the community and started our security audit.

Jul, 2017

ChronoWallet desktop launch (mainnet) and mobile release

Our new desktop and mobile clients were officially launched!

Aug, 2017

ChronoMint launch on mainet

We made the first release of our smart contract management system to the community.

Sep, 2017

LaborX alpha


Completion of MVP of our decentralised exchange expected.

Oct, 2017

LaborX beta


Working beta version fo our core exchange infrastructure planned.

Nov, 2017

LaborX launch on testnet

We aim to open LaborX testing to the community and for the professional security audit.


Dec, 2017

LaborX Launch on Mainnet

The release of our exchange and the completion of the initial elements of our key infrastructure is scheduled for the end of the year. 

Jan, 2018

Sergei Sergienko

CEO of ChronoBank

It is both invigorating and exciting to be a part of the blockchain revolution. We are all living in a world that is changing faster than ever before. Traditional ways of doing things are fast becoming obsolete, including the way we work and earn a living. I and our stellar team at ChronoBank have risen to the challenge of creating a fairer, more sustainable and better system for anyone to work, get paid and trade their only valuable resource, their Time.

We believe that people should have better choices in their work/life balance, be paid according to their skills, receive pensions and pay taxes effortlessly.

Thanks to our talented and experienced team, a lot of things have already been developed since the completion of our ICO. We have big plans and will continue giving our best efforts for this project to be a success.

Stay tuned, ChronoBank's TIME is coming.


We are proud of our partners



Waves is a custom tokens platform, designed to make creating, distributing and trading blockchain tokens fast and straightforward. With a built-in decentralised exchange and multiple crypto and fiat gateways, Waves is the ideal platform for blockchain crowdsales and the tokenisation of business models.



NEM is a smart asset platform: a highly versatile and modular blockchain system that combines simplicity and flexibility, allowing businesses to build a diverse variety of applications for real-world use with off-the-peg tools.



ICO Promo is a blockchain consultancy and marketing company that specialises in publicity for token sales. The group has been behind a number of highly successful crowdfunding campaigns, including ChronoBank’s own ICO.


The Cointelegraph

The Cointelegraph

“There are many things that are important to catalog design. Your images must be sharp and appealing. Your text and even the font you use for the text is important.”

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“There are many things that are important to catalog design. Your images must be sharp and appealing. Your text and even the font you use for the text is important.”

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“There are many things that are important to catalog design. Your images must be sharp and appealing. Your text and even the font you use for the text is important.”

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